The Secret Wanderers

It all started one day at work last summer. Pearl and I who had been working together for a few years and had a great working relationship found ourselves talking about travel, hiking, camping, and previous trips. I was in the process of planning a trip to Utah and I started sharing my plans with Pearl. Over the next couple of weeks we continued to talk and I started to think how amazing it would be if she joined me on this adventure. So it goes without saying I was thrilled when Pearl mentioned she was interested in “meeting up” in Utah. It didn’t take long before the “meeting up” became a lot more and before we knew it we were planning this Utah adventure together and soon would be on our way. Our trip to Utah proved to be a very special experience for the both of us and a turning point in an amazing relationship.

This blog is going to to tell the story of our adventures. The big trips, the really big trips, the weekend get a ways, and the day trips. The planning process, the logistics of travel, tips, attractions, how to’s, successes, and failures (hopefully few and far between) will be topics of discussion. We are also looking forward to hearing from all of you; the traveling community. We have a lot to share and a lot to learn also. We are very curious and we are looking forward to starting this discussion with others. As we tell you the stories of the big trips, with tons of information, over the weeks we will also share our local day trips, camping and hiking adventures, and other highlights of our area. We are very fortunate to live in a very scenic and historic section of the east coast of the United States and we are looking forward to sharing all it has to offer.

We hope the anonymity thing doesn’t turn you away. You’ll be taken on all of our adventures with us. We’ll give all the personalized secrets and tips of attractions, parks, hotels, and restaurants. You’ll get to know Pearl and me, just without the faces and names. We hope you’ll join us on all of our trips, big and small.