Where to?

It goes without saying that the Utah trip was a great success. We saw some amazing sites and beautiful vistas, ate some awesome meals, and took some challenging hikes. On a personal level, it was the beginning of our relationship. Pearl and I forged a bond that continues to grow as I type this. It was our first adventure and we would just be getting started. The prospect of future travels and explorations together excites us both to this day.

Our Utah trip wasn’t even over as we began tossing around ideas on the way home. Sitting in the Dallas airport during something like a 15-hour overnight layover we started “Kayaking” plane tickets for the next trip. But where? Was it time to go big? Time to take it to the next level and just maybe leave the country?

Our attention that night quickly took us to Europe. Iceland specifically. Iceland was a country that always interested us both and, with a little late night airport research and googling, we were finding affordable airfare to Reykjavik. The next morning we took our next trip idea and jumped on our plane back to the east coast.

Over the next couple of months during the busy holiday season we started getting very serious about the whole Iceland trip. Airfare was remaining affordable. We bought guidebooks, language guides, and even a National Geographic Adventure map of the country. Things appeared to be coming together. But…what usually happens…we began thinking and talking. Iceland is such a beautiful, enchanting place with fjords, wilderness, coastlines, seaside villages, the northern lights. It was a great idea. But we wanted to see as much as possible during our two weeks. We wanted to take in different cultures, cities, languages, foods. We wanted to experience as much as possible. Be immersed in as much as we could take in during our time off. Iceland’s location was just a little too limiting. It was just one place. An amazing place. A place we want to visit in the future. But for our first trip to Europe together, we wanted to see and experience it. And with all due respect to Iceland, we weren’t sure it would be accomplished there. So Iceland was out! (For now). Our research was taking us on that traditional Alps route of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Airfares were looking great for a mid-winter trip to Europe. The guide books were arriving and yes even another National Geographic Adventure map. This one of Central Europe. As we entered the busy holiday season and entered the new year we started checking things off of our list. We found great tickets to Zurich. Check! Our Eurail Passes were purchased. Check! Our route was finalized. Check! We made all our lodging reservations. Check! We were ready to go! Our route would take us to Zurich via Aire Lingus with layovers in Dublin and London. From Zurich we would travel to Konstanz, Germany. Then on to Innsbruck, Austria. Ljubljana, Slovenia and Trieste, Italy, before returning to Zurich.

So there it is, the beginning of our next adventure. We look forward to sharing all of our experiences and tips we learned. It was a true learning experience for the both of us. Over the next several weeks we will take you along on what was, for us, an epic trip.

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